Sagra del pesce (Fish festival)

The second Sunday of May, in the picturesque natural scenery and exclusive to Colombo Square, to the marina, it takes place the Fish Festival. The event, organized by the Tourist Association Pro Loco under the patronage of the Municipality, it is now known throughout Italy and abroad, and attracts a remarkable number of people. Founded as a spontaneous gesture of some camogliesi who decided in 1952 to give residents and visitors a fish fry, this nice tradition has become an important communication and image projection is a tourist destination in the city. The symbol of the festival is the pan in which the fish is fried to distribute, through the efforts of the many volunteers who offer their contribution to the success of the event. Event linked to the centuries-old festival of San Fortunato, patron saint of fishermen: the evening before, after the religious ceremony, with the procession of the Ark of San Fortunato which participates in the Band "City of Camogli," takes place on the beach the fire bonfires, real wood sculptures built by camogliesi neighborhoods Porto and Pinetto that every year, with imagination, invent new forms.